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Inside The Locker: Late To Breaking News

Never let it be said that Inside the Locker isn’t ahead of every major sports story that breaks…because that statement is entirely true and it hurts our feelings.

Yes, every once in a while a shock wave ripples through the sports world while we’re busy editing the latest episode. This episode was recorded last night, on what turned out to be the eve of LeBron’s other decision. Oh, in case you didn’t hear, The Return of the King is no longer just a Tolkien book and/or a Peter Jackson movie.

The sexy allure of Cleveland…is something we never thought we would write…was too much for King James to ignore and he has ventured back to the team he once spurned. Something tells me they may be plotting a Godfather Part II-esque double-cross, but for the time being we’ll consider this a happy homecoming.

As to the episode itself, J.C., Elliott, and Beef Nuggets hold down the Fortress of Nerditude while Brian is away. They discuss the world-class beatdown Germany doled out to Brazil in the World Cup, and offer their thoughts on (what was at the time of recording) the hot button question of LeBron’s future plans. They also chat about athletes doing supremely stupid things. All this, plus the return of He Might Be a Cyborg.

Give the episode a listen and please do weigh in on the LeBron return to Cleveland. We want to know what you think.


Also how freaking great is it that this Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video from a few years ago remains sparklingly relevant?! Their economy is AGAIN based on LeBron James!

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