Highly Suspect Reviews: ‘Lucy’


Scientists believe that the Unusual Suspects only use 10% of their collective brain. This is a terrible myth, and we would refute that number if our brains weren’t so crammed full of movie trivia that there is no room for such trivial constructs as mathematics. Plus, we could totally scan those scientists and make their heads explode if we wanted to.

For this installment of Highly Suspect Reviews, Elliott, Beau, and J.C. take on the beautiful, but cognitively dangerous Lucy. Scarlet Johannson has always seemed like the kind of actress who can effortlessly blend intelligence with ass-kicking, but in Luc Besson’s latest, her smarts are the instrument of said ass-kickery. Now the question becomes how much of his brain did Besson use during the scriptwriting phase?

Listen to the review and find out what the Suspects suspect.



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481 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: ‘Lucy’”

  1. Luc Beson lost his tiny mind to peroxide poisioning in 1994 after completing Leon and never recovered!

  2. Truth the trailer turn me off with “only 10% of our brain is being used”. I took several psychology classes in high school and college. They all told me this myth is bullshit. So….. if I been told this was a way enhance the way the human brain think to process in a neuroscience way, I would stand in line to see it. I know this sound like 10% myth but just don’t say it is that. Truth I may watch it when my library own it when it comes out on bluray and dvd the review it.

  3. I thought this movie was extremely silly and stupid. Entertaining but stupid, poorly written, and full of holes. I give it 1 cosmic usb drive out of 5 cosmic usb drives.

  4. Just saw it and have to agree. This movie was big and dumb, but also a lot of fun! It reminded me a lot of The Family, a Besson film many criticized but I personally liked.

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