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Nothing Is Sacred: Auralnauts’ ‘Star Wars’ And More

Welcome to a galaxy where the Jedi are a bunch of drug fueled hooligans, the Sith are ambitious entrepreneurs, Anakin Skywalker lives in Padme’s friend zone, and C-3PO is a mortality obsessed sociopath called Creepio.

Well, at least that’s viral video creator Auralnauts version of a galaxy far, far away.



Even if you haven’t heard of the name, you’ve probably watched their content over and over again. Creating massively popular videos like “Arnold Schwarzenegger Kill Count, “Super Boat” and “Star Wars PSA,” Auralnauts has made a name for itself when it comes to creating parodies.


Over the past year, Auralnauts have been creating parody versions of the Star Wars prequels, one hilarious episode at a time. The viral trilogy of mockery came to a close July 4 with the release of “Episode III: Revenge of the Middle Management.”

“Episode III” is available to view on their website,

For those unfamiliar with the group, Auralnauts is a collaboration between two content creators currently distributing material through their YouTube channel of the same name. The mixture of comedy and music production has been consumed by over 12 million viewers to date. Known for lampooning films and television commercials with their own take on the dialogue and soundtracks, they are preparing a slew of new material that has been produced by them from the ground up.


Auralnauts’ Star Wars parodies haven’t been the only videos that have garnered attention. Batman fans might be more familiar with the group’s “Freestyle Bane” video. The video, which features Tom Hardy’s muzzled interpretation of the super villain, has Bane dropping some sick beats while threatening Bruce Wayne and the people of Gotham. That video alone has viewer count over 1.5 million.

As a fan of film mockery experts like Rifftrax, How It Should Have Ended and Austin’s own Master Pancake Theatre, it’s always a joy to see creative parodies that relentlessly rip films I hate and love. Auralnauts is a yet another group that is able to create something ridiculously funny, while making it completely original at the same time.

What about you reader? Are you a fan of Auralnauts and their videos? Let us know in the comments below.

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