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Watch a Movie With Us: ‘Big Trouble in Little China’

Thankfully, turning back to films we actually LIKE to watch (after that trio of painful choices you guys made for us to watch as the ‘worst of 2013’), we go to our Jedi Knight subscribers who got to pick a movie for us…and we were MORE than glad to comply.

Big Trouble in Little China not only is one of our favorite goofy fun movies, but it adds to our steadily increasing collection of John Carpenter movie commentaries we’ve done. Collect the whole set! Except maybe Ghosts of Mars. I’m not sure we could sit through that one again.

Regardless, this tale of Kurt Russell channeling John Wayne while fighting Chinese Black Magic (drink whenever you hear it!) is a cult classic. We’ve gotten together Chris with Richard Whittaker from Digital Noise, and have added in Richard’s best gal Melissa, who jumps into the fray like she was born to do these commentaries. We think you’ll enjoy listening to this one as much as we did recording it.

Click here to download the commentary.