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Sony at E3

I love E3. I wish I could cover E3 in some substantial way but I’ll leave that to bigger and better minds. But I do want to take a look at the main E3 players and muse what we can expect and my own personal predictions – without biased as much as possible.

Sony had a surprisingly successful year. Made at least in a small way due to the bad reaction to Microsoft. But Sony have been doing considerably well for a while now, even with the final year or two of the Playstation 3 with increased support, Playstation Plus taking off, stellar first party exclusives such as the best game I’ve played this year ‘The Last of Us’  and a push to support indies in ways Sony have never done before.

At E3 2013 Sony were clear on their vision of the Playstation 4 and their continued support for the Playstation 3 including such games as ‘Beyond: Two Souls’ and the aforementioned ‘Last of Us’. Unlike Microsoft’s conference a huge bulk was dedicated to new indie titles and the big push of self publishing on the Playstation 4 which was met with very warm reactions.

But the highlight of the conference was the direct strikes made towards  Microsoft, which came when Jack Tretton returned to stage and said with absolute clarity that the PlayStation 4 will support lending, trading, reselling, and playing your games on your console in the ways we were already used to with no Always online restrictions. The crowd  bellowed, and it was clear that it was a point for Sony. Though in hindsight I still believe that what Microsoft were doing was more revolutionary and the future, and Sony were going for a dated concept. Unfortunately console gamers just weren’t ready for it and Microsoft couldn’t sell it.

Check out my Sony at E3 thoughts below.


Are you looking forward to Sony’s press conference? What games do you think we’ll see? Post your thoughts and predictions below or throw them my way on twitter @Chris_Harrison_


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