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Digital Noise: Episode 48: The Secret Visitors of Zombie Detectives

Richard and Chris are back with a whole slew of titles this week for review, ranging from the truly spectacular to the craptastic and everything in between. We discuss the grim and beautiful True Detective: Season One, the very funny Alan Partridge, The intriguing Tim’s Vermeer and, well, disagree COMPLETELY about Visitors.

Those and many more reviews on this week’s episode of DIGITAL NOISE!!!!

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Bushido Man Bluray Review   Klondike DVD Review   Tims Vermeer Bluray Review

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Visitors Bluray Review   SLoD DVD Review   Alan Partridge Bluray Review

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NonStop Bluray Review   Donovan Season 1 Bluray Review   Jack Ryan Bluray Review

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True Detective Bluray Review   Kill Zombie Bluray Review


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