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A Little Love For the Parents

One of the good things about this gig is that I get the chance to go back and correct mistakes and oversights from earlier in my life. Despite being damn near perfect (*cough* yeah right *cough*), I do occasionally fall short on things or miss an opportunity.




Case in point, I let both Mother’s and Father’s Day roll around without doing anything here on One Of Us for those worthy folk who bear those titles! I am hanging my head in shame, because supportive parents deserve all the accolades and respect we can possibly muster.


Ben Sisko, Proudest Papa In Starfleet

Many of us loud and proud geeks today wouldn’t be geeks at all if our parents hadn’t supported our passions, whether they understood them or not. When I think of all the time, effort, and let’s be honest, money (bein’ geeky ain’t cheap, yo!) my parents spent on me exploring my passion for books (comic or otherwise), TV, movies, and video games, it’s enough to bring a tear to my eye.

My folks may not share the same level of love that I do for these things, but my happiness fills their hearts with joy which in turn fills my heart with even more joy. I know that’s sappy, but a great deal of you know exactly what I’m talking about, so suck it!

So here’s what I’m thinking, I’d like everybody to leave comments about all the cool stuff their parents have done for them in the name of their geeky passions. Let’s turn this page into one giant thank you card to the people who allowed us to play and dream.

To Mom and Dad.


You think their life is a Saga, remember your parents had to raise you!




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