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World of UScast: Wayward Podcast Ep 2: “Let it Go, Lady”

Welcome to the “World of UScast” where features teams of our podcasters located all over the world. Today’s feature comes from Tokyo; it’s the second episode of “Wayward Podcast”!
On this episode, Toshi and Sarah do some free-flow conversation while exploring the drawbacks of recording in a karaoke store as they are interrupted by a singer next door who seems to have an affinity to a certain popular song…
Rather than have endless Supernatural talk scattershot throughout the recording, we’ve decided to devote an entire section to it in order to save people the pain of having us spoil everything about the latest episodes. Supernatural talk begins at 40:03

Notes:Technical difficulties occurred at around the 29:35 mark. Sorry about that.
This episode contains spoilers to The Lego Movie, Inception, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and of course, Supernatural.