Watch a Movie with Us: ‘Good Day to Die Hard’

We’ve finally done it! After weeks of fan voting, and after a long absence to recover from the mental wounds of R.I.P.D., here now is the Watch a Movie with Us commentary for the #1 worst film of 2013 as voted on by you, the nation of Us: A Good Day to Die Hard. In honor of Memorial Day, let us never forget…how much better this franchise used to be.

As it turns out, there is never a good time to revisit Die Hard 5, but we hope this irreverent running commentary softens the blow a bit. How are we rewarding you for suffering through AGDTDH? Well first of all, we’ve brought in the one and only Jeff from, a man who loves Die Hard but has never seen this abomination. Suffice to say, Jeff’s trademark rage was aptly stirred by what he beheld.

If you’re a Time Lord subscriber or above, you can download this commentary track right here.