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The Pre-Weekend Recap: May 9, 2014

Welcome to the latest edition of the Pre-Weekend Recap, One of Us’ attempt to help you catch up with the features that debuted on the site this week. Our podcast hosts, writers, and bloggers have been diligently working to produce great content for your consumption and it would be a shame if you missed any of it, so the Recap is here to help prevent that.

Below you’ll a selection of some of the stuff we published this week, complete with description and links. All you have to do is kick back and enjoy the content! Let’s not waste any more time, check out what we have to offer!

Infestation: Texas Frightmare Weekend and more from the Moontower Comedy Fest

Last week, we posted interviews with three of the comedians who attended the Moontower Comedy Festival. If you enjoyed Chris and Beau’s interviews with Andy KindlerW. Kamau Bell, and Mike Lawrence, you’ll be happy to know that there are two more recordings you need to hear. Chris was fortunate enough to sit down with emerging stand-up Erik Charles Nielsen (who played Garrett on the sadly-defunct Community) while Beau interviewed veteran Austin-based comedian Matt Sadler about his own podcast and the Austin comedy scene.

But wait, there’s more! Thanks to the great Richard Whittaker of the Austin Statesman, we also have interviews from the Texas Frightmare Weekend! Richard spent some time with actor and legendary effects artist Tom Savini, as well as Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, and Michael C. Williams, the stars of The Blair Witch ProjectExcellent festival-based material for your ears, friends.

Book Review – Salted: Life Isn’t Better Under The Sea

Salted Banner 371

This week, One of Us posted its very first book review. The title in question is the first of the Salt series, Life Isn’t Better Under The Sea, written by Aaron Galvin. In this title, shape-shifting humans have the ability to transform into sea creatures. One of these creatures, a young Selkie named Lenny, is forced to hunt a runaway member of the community or lose his family. Chris Herman, the newest member of the INTERN-Net has finished this young adult novel and has all the information you need to know about it, so give his review a look and consider purchasing the book using our Amazon link!


Ash & Fern: Who is that guy in the hood?  

Ash & Fern 371

As you probably know, the CW’s hottest program is Arrow, a show slightly based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow. The show can definitely count Fern among its faithful viewers. How, in her opinion, has the show avoided many of the pitfalls that come with CW programming? Check out her post about the factors that put Arrow above the rest of the shows populated by muscle-bound youth and share your thoughts about the adventures of Oliver Queen in the comments!


Star Wars: I Find Your Lack of Female Representation Disturbing

If the latest casting news about Star Wars: Episode VII is any indicator, it seems that the film will follow in the example of the other films and keep its female roster count low. The INTERN-Net’s Caitlin Turner is correct when she says there’s no excuse for this, especially in the 21st Century. She even does the studio a favor and recommends a whopping 21 actresses who could do well in a Star Wars film. Her post about the gender inequalities in this franchise, and the film industry as a whole, is an important read.


Highly Suspect Reviews – Locke and Neighbors


We’re sending you out with reviews for two movies. First, in the drama Locke, Tom Hardy plays a construction foreman with a kid on the way, but not with his wife. How well can he juggle the pressures coming from the mother, his wife, and his job as he drives up to London for the birth? Next, Seth Rogen fends for his family’s sanity against a loud and rowdy frat in NeighborsAre these films worth your time? The Suspects will let you know right here and now.

If you like what you’ve seen here, please be sure to share our stuff with others who might enjoy it. There’s always more internet to conquer, so help us on our quest to unite the internet under one banner! Have a great weekend!