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My Top 5 Godzilla Moments

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Godzilla rules, I think we can all agree on that. He didn’t earn the title “King of the Monsters” just for giggles. In celebration of the big guy’s return to the silver screen I thought it only fitting to take a look back at the series and make a list of my favorite bits from the Godzilla catalog.


5. Ready for Takeoff! (Godzilla Vs Hedorah (The Smog Monster) (1971))

How can you not love this?! Yes, it is totally ridiculous, but this series is about a a giant mutant dinosaur that fights other other monsters and destroys cities, so lets not pretend that silly doesn’t have a place here. Seeing Godzilla fly brings a mountain of joy to my inner child and I shall not apologize for it!


4. Tag Team Action! (Godzilla Vs Megalon (1973))

Are you ready for some action, Brother?! Oh YEEEAHHHH! Yes I just mixed my Hulk Hogan with my Macho Man ( RIP Randy Savage) and I don’t care; much like I don’t care if you have anything negative to say about the above clip! Yes, this is another goofy as hell pick, but some things are so damn goofy that they transcend goofiness and become awesome!  This scene has giant robot, Jet Jaguar hold Megalon while Godzilla brings the thunder not once, but twice with the most epic dropkicks ever performed! No chart can show just how cool this is because said chart would burst into flames at the sheer greatness of that which it is trying to express! ‘Nuff said!


3. Damn Kids These Days! (Son of Godzilla (1967))

Most Godzilla fans hate Minya and I am proud to say I agree with that sentiment 100%. Annoying little bugger makes that asshole Godzooky almost seem tolerable! So if I dislike the tiny asshat that much why does this moment make the list? Easy, because this shows Godzilla does not put up with Minya’s shit. Whiny brat wants to throw a fit and not listen? Fine! Godzilla will drag you away whether you like it or not. Godzilla’s look of disgust dealing with this punk says it all.


2. Memories (Godzilla Vs King Gidorah (1991))

Oh boy, the fan debate on this one! Some people see it as a touching moment, as man and monster come to some sort of understanding, others see it as one stupid asshole thinking he had some special connection with Godzilla and that the monster would therefore spare him. Between those two extremes lies a billion other fan theories. What makes this so interesting is the ambiguity; you aren’t totally sure what either of them is thinking as they meet or what the other is going to do. They leave it up to the audience to fill in the gaps, and what they decide happened there does say something about the viewer. Sometimes the true art of something doesn’t show in the piece itself, but instead in how people react and interact with it. Tragic, comedic, somewhere in between? You decide.


1. It’s Clobberin’ Time! (Godzilla: Final Wars (2004))

Suck it Zilla! Toho knew for years that we wanted to see that crappy imposter from the 1998 American film get the beatdown it deserved and this scene gives us everything we need in one neat package. We get purposely crappy CG monster blown to hell by a guy in a rubber suit as the legions of Godzilla fans jump up and high five each other! The moment happens and then the movie keeps on without a second thought giving Zilla all the time and attention he deserves.


So what do you think of my list. Agree? Disagree? Let’s hear your thoughts on the best Godzilla moments in the comments below!