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Movie Review: ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West’

Seth MacFarlane moves from behind the camera and doing voice work, to being the star of his own film. Here he plays a lonesome dude in the old west that wants nothing more than to not be living in the old west (anachronistically, of course). Spurned by his former gal (Amanda Seyfried) for his lily-livered ways, he has nothing to do but to complain to his only friends in town (Giovanni Ribisi and Sarah Silverman)…until Charlize Theron shows up and teaches him how to be a man. If she’s the teacher, we’d like to know how to sign up for that course…

Chris, JC and Beau take a look at Seth’s attempt to make his own Blazing Saddles and we’ll let you know whether it’s a eureka strike or a pile of horse droppings.