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Listen and Play: ITL’s Live 2014 NFL Draft Commentary

It’s that time again! That point wherein we’re so desperate for the return of the NFL season that we actually watch the draft. Again, you’ve got to hand it to professional football for achieving the level of popularity that allows them to turn an HR convention into a major televised event.

The guys from Inside the Locker invite you to watch the first day of the draft right along with them. However, because actually sitting through the entirety of the draft requires next level sports nerdery that we’re not even sure we possess, we’ve created our own movie draft game that we’ll be playing throughout the evening.

The objective of the game? To create the perfect movie by drafting actors, directors, and screenwriters. We’ll all start with the same amount of money and a points system at the end will determine whose film reigns supreme. We’ll also note the bigger moments of the NFL draft and discuss sports news, but mostly we’ll just be yelling at each other over who snaked Spielberg in the second round.

Join us live back on this post on Thursday starting at 7pm central. We’ll be fielding your questions throughout the night. The invitation has been issued, you are officially on the clock!