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Welcome to a very special episode of Digital Noise. Yes, we’re talking about home releases. In fact, we’re just discussing 7 blu-rays (with 11 movies) that came out. They just happen to be ALL Godzilla movies. So what’s a Digital Noise critic to do? Well, you get the hugest Godzilla fans you know…and as it turns out, we know the hugest.

Matt Frank (no duh) leads the discussion of these older Kaiju films and along for the ride is Chris, Quinn, and Brandon. Tune in for almost two hours of what turned out to be one of the most fun podcasts we’ve done in awhile, as Matt bravely tries to synopsizes these titles, and then hilarity ensues.

But that’s not all! We’re also giving away a prize package of THREE Godzilla blu-rays. Gotta listen to win!

Godzilla Sea Monster Blu-ray Review   Godzilla Smog Monster Blu-ray Review   Godzilla Monster Island Blu-ray Review

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Gozilla King Ghidorah Blu-ray Review   Godzilla Mechagodzilla II Blu-ray Review   Godzilla Destroyah w time

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Godzilla Final Wars w time

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Godzilla giveaway w time

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