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Digital Noise Episode 42: The Legend of Abcules

From the ancient tome of…the Internet I guess, comes the story of the mighty Digital Noise. Forged by fire–and copious amounts of beer–this podcast conquered home release after home release; triumphantly heralding the strong Blu-ray offerings while smiting the weak and wicked.

Today’s chapter in this epic tale is no different, as Brian of House Salisbury and Sir Christopher of Kittyshire draw their snark swords and don their helmets of esoteric knowledge as they battle The Legend of Hercules, Star Trek: Enterprise, and Dead Shadows. Their valor is then tested with another perilous journey to the nether-verse wherein their devious doppelgangers discuss The Rise and Fall of the Clash and Escape from Tomorrow, which also serves as this week’s giveaway.

If ye be brave and virtuous…then go, you know, help people and stuff. But, if ye currently be burdened of great boredom, hark the victorious sound of more Digital Noise!



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Legend of Hercules Blu-ray Review   Prince Killian Blu-ray Review   Star Trek Enterprise Seaon 4 Blu-ray Review

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Dead Shadows Blu-ray Review   Labor Day Blu-ray Review   Rise and Fall of the Clash Review

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These Birds Walk Blu-ray Review   Bad Country Blu-ray Review   Sophie's Choice Blu-ray Review

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Escape From Tomorrow DVD Review   Hill Street Blues w time


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How To Win This Week’s Giveaway:

1.) Follow @OneOfUsNet on Twitter

2.) Tweet at us with the short version of your worst ever theme park experience.

3.) Add #EscapeGiveaway

4.) We’ll select our favorite and contact that winner via Twitter (open to U.S. Residents only)


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