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The Pre-Weekend Recap: April 25, 2014

That’s right, it’s the Pre-Weekend Recap! Look, you’ve probably had a long, difficult week. Working hard at the job, studying hard for those classes, or doing whatever it is you do each day must have taken a toll on you during these last few days. Hey, I’m proud of you. You made it through another one and that’s no small feat.

Still, perhaps you didn’t have the time to enjoy all of the excellent content that debuted on the site this week because of your busy schedule. Well, that’s what this feature is all about! Below you’ll find a few of the posts that appears on the site this week, complete with links and descriptions. All you have to do is enjoy the content and promise to share it with your friends. Easy enough, right?

How an NFL QB Became An 80’s Action Hero

Once upon a time, a successful college quarterback named Ryan McCann was called up by the Cincinnati Bengals and offered a spot on the team. Initially, his hopes for an NFL career were high, but an injury caused him to re-evaluate his priorities and change the course of his life. Rather than return to the NFL, Ryan channeled his boundless energy into his non-athletic endeavors. These days, he is an artist and an actor, most notable for his role in 2008’s Visioneers as the cult-favorite Mack Luster. As luck would have it, Ryan is currently Kickstarting a Mack Luster film at this very moment! To find out more about Ryan’s career and the Mack Luster project, check out the article!


Music, Music, Everywhere and Not a Beat to Bump: Finding New Music


Even people with enormous music libraries find themselves fatigued with the songs they play on a regular basis. On the positive end, we have access to more music than ever before. On the other hand, finding the stuff you really like can be an exhausting and time-consuming process. Thankfully, One of Us’ music blogger Matt Hudson has a few suggestions to help you discover the hidden aural treasures out there. Give his ideas a look and be sure to share your favorite methods to find new music in the comments!


I’m All Out of Love #3: Adam Sandler   

Like many of us, Thomas Mariani actually enjoyed Adam Sandler as a comedian. That’s right kids, you might not remember this, but there was a time when Sandler’s name didn’t automatically set eyes rolling. In this edition to his running series I’m All Out Of Love, Thomas gives a historical rundown of the Saturday Night Live alumnus’ career and highlights the highs, the lows, and the absolute rock bottom. Track the decline of a critically-panned yet financially-successful actor and find out if there’s any chance of Sandler recapturing any portion of his credibility in the near future.


Big Finishing Move: Doctor Who: Project Twilight

John Eckes is back with another entry in the Big Finishing Move series, the place where he reviews the Doctor Who audio dramas produced by Big Finish. This time, the Sixth Doctor discovers a number of animal corpses littered all over London and naturally decides to investigate who is behind these crimes. Of course, this leads him into a sinister conspiracy because this is Doctor Who after all. Is it, however, an entry worth your time? John’s review has all the information you need to make a decision, so give it a look and find out if this drama is anything you need to hear. 


Filmmaker Interview: Ismael Jr. Santos

Chris Harrison is doing his part to help bolster budding creative types in his series of interviews and showcases. This time, filmmaker Ismael Jr. Santos is the in spotlight. Santos is a Miami-born talent with a preference for the eccentric and cites Kerouac, Cronenberg, and Fincher as some of his primary influences. Delve deep into the mind of a developing creator as you read Chris’ interview with Santos and keep your eyes open for his film, Memories of the Past, right here on the site in the near future.


Get Remixed! Remix Culture at Its Finest


Angelo Elauria is sending us out this week with a few musical selections from some talented remix artists. As he states in his article, remix artists are just another brand of geek, so of course their work is welcome here. Given that a few of these tunes reference films such as The Dark Knight and Kill Bill, there’s even more for you to love in here. Give these selections a listen and share your own favorites with us in the comment section!

If you like what you’ve seen here, please be sure to share our stuff with others who might enjoy it. There’s always more internet to conquer, so help us on our quest to unite the internet under one banner! Have a great weekend!