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SMARK COUNTRY: A Global Force To Be Reckoned With

Twelve years ago, pro-wrestling superstar Jeff Jarrett helped create Total Nonstop Action’s Impact Wrestling, which would go on to become the second largest wrestling promotion in the United States. The company trailed behind the only major competitor at the time, World Wrestling Entertainment and edged out number three, Ring of Honor.

Now, not even six months after leaving TNA (in which he still remains an investor), Jarrett is about to bring forth a potential fourth major U.S. competitor, Global Force Wrestling.

Produced by 25/7 Productions and creator of The Biggest Loser, Dave Broome, GFW will be based out of Nashville, Tennessee (also home to TNA headquarters). Though originally slated to have it’s debut this spring, it now appears that the debut event might not be until October. This delay could also be to allow time to lock down a television deal. A talent roster hasn’t been finalized yet, or even talked about much, outside of Jarrett’s signing of The Renegade David Scougall from Scotland.

And look! They want YOU as well!

There is a concern that Jarrett perhaps didn’t learn from the many pitfalls of latter years TNA. But, despite his detractors, Jeff is an astute businessman and a great wrestling mind. His reaching out to renowned Mexican wrestling organization, AAA, and developing a working relationship between AAA and GFW is a shrewd first step towards getting first dibs on great international talent.

Personally speaking, I welcome more televised pro-wrestling. History has proven that when there was heated competition between wrestling promotions, we the fans reaped the benefit. Do you think Jarrett will deliver the master stroke with GFW, or will Double J make the same mistakes he did in TNA, surrounding himself with a bunch of slap nuts that have no mind for the wrestling business?