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Movie Review: ‘Noah’

The studio decreed from on high, “Thou Shalt Not Have a Noah Press Screening.” The heathens known as The Unusual Suspects, decided they were going to see the film anyway and deliver you all from a lack of review. Still, apologies for the tardiness of the posting.

Darren Aronofsky takes on that classic biblical story: The Old Man & The Sea. Starring Russell Crowe as the old man and digital effects as the sea. Brian is joined by Mr. William Goss and, believe it or not, Luke Mullen makes his HSR debut to testify as to the strengths and shortcomings of Aronofsky’s epic. Will it float their boats or just tread water? Thou Shalt ALWAYS Make Puns.

Enjoy this Highly Suspect review of Noah, and feel free to deliver your comments two-by-two.