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Movie Review: ‘Dom Hemingway’

Dom Hemingway is not a reference to great literature, nor is he a purveyor of fine champagne, he is in fact the world’s foremost safe-cracker and a man who for all of his criminal enterprising and connections to the most powerful people on the planet, can’t seem to stop cocking up his life.

We meet Dom (Jude Law) right as he’s about to be paroled from a twelve-year prison sentence, and follow him as he tries to put the pieces of his life back together; or should we say the pieces of both his lives back together. Dropping F-Bombs and C-Bombs and all over forms of explosive expletive, Law defies audiences to ever again pigeonhole him as an actor with a performance as vulgar as it is strangely compelling.

But a great performance does not necessarily a great movie make, and The Unusual Suspects are here to crack open the titanium core of Dom Hemingway to see if all its moving parts are properly assembled. Brian, J.C., Ashley, and Beau may be four of the dodgiest reprobates west of the East End, but if there’s one thing they know…it’s how to make dick jokes. But if there’s a second thing they know, it’s film.

Don’t be a c***, give a listen to the review!