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Movie Review: ‘Brick Mansions’

Parkour! Parkour! Par-poor.

Paul Walker’s last film is sadly this lackluster, and staggeringly unnecessary, remake of 2004’s District B13. Much of the same content is ported over from the original, but the script changes and editing free-run this update into the ground. But hey, at least RZA gets to drop a few unearned Wu-Tang references. That’s at least gotta be fun to watch, right? Guys?

The Unusual Suspects gather for this Highly Suspect Review of Brick Mansions, letting no collection of obstacles stand in their way. Brian, Chris, J.C., and Will Goss bounce off the walls in dazzling disdain for this spectacularly shoddy flick. Will they be able to leap, spin, and flip their way to the end of the review?

Give a listen and find out!