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ITL Tournament Edition: Sports Movies

The sports nerds of Inside the Locker engage in the long-awaited Sports Movie Tournament; a feat that required two entire rounds of fan voting to narrow the field from 64 to 16. The reason we enjoy doing these tournaments is that, by function of how the match-ups are settled, it is impossible to predict which film will reign supreme. This week’s tournament CERTAINLY exemplifies that. You will not believe which film takes the top spot.

And boy howdy did we have a special guest to referee this week’s tourney. Ryan McCann is a former UCLA quarterback who was briefly a member of the Cincinnati Bengals.


Ryan traded in his helmet for a career as an artist and actor. You might recognize him as Mack Luster, the parody of 80s low-budget action heroes that appeared in the 2008 Zack Galifianakis film Visioneers. Here’s a clip…



We’ll be hearing more from Ryan here at OneOfUs in the coming days, but for now, sit back and enjoy a rousing discussion of some of the week’s biggest sports stories followed by the knock-down, drag-out scrum that provides the perfect sendoff (for now) for our Totally Accurate, Desperately Necessary Movie Elimination Tournaments!


Show Breakdown…

Scores and Stories (2:52)

Topics Discussed: NFL draft goes meta with Any Given Sunday reference, Moronic 49ers linebacker screams “bomb” at an aiport, Ochocinco might need to change his name to Huitcinq, NCAA amends meal plan for athletes, Twitter says John Calipari will take Lakers job, NBA playoff picture breakdown

Sports Movie Elimination Tournament (49:45)

The starting bracket is pictured below. If you want to see the results (and spoil the fun before you even listen to the show…for shame), click on the image to reveal a filled-in version of the bracket.



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