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Digital Noise Episode 39: Alternate Dimensions

Some really weird stuff happening in this week’s episode. It started off normal enough, with Chris and Brian reviewing some of the big tent pole releases like The Desolation of Smaug and the latest Paranormal Activity, and even finding time to rip the new Friedberg & Seltzer film to shreds. But then, in the middle of the show, Brian found…the artifact.

Suddenly the barrier between dimensions came crumbling down and a transmission from one of the darker Digi-verses managed to enter our airspace. In this dimension, Chris is still (mostly) Chris, but Brian no longer exists. Instead, Chris’ co-host in the parallel dimension version of Digital Noise is some guy named Richard with a strange accent. This week, in their timeline, Grudge Match, I Am Divine, and Nurse 3D are covered.

We’ll have to keep close tabs on this alternate universe Digital Noise, but for now, having returned again to timeline prime, Brian and Chris announce a special DN Grab Bag giveaway that will net you, the lucky winner, not one, not two, but four mystery titles from the show’s past. Troubling quantum physics issues aside, really great show.

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DN Grab Bag

How To Win This Week’s Giveaway:

1.) Follow @OneOfUsNet on Twitter

2.) Tweet at us with the most random quartet of actors you could think of to play The Fantastic Four (e.g. Nick Cage, Captain Kangaroo, Animal from the Muppets, and Tiny Tim). Don’t forget to tell us who each would play.

3.) Add #GrabBagGiveaway

4.) We’ll select our favorite and contact that winner via Twitter (open to U.S. Residents only)

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