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‘Adventure Time’ Fan? Try ‘Bravest Warriors’

It is no secret right now that one of the biggest names in animation right now is Pendleton Ward. As many of you already know, Ward is the creator of the incredibly popular Cartoon Network series, Adventure Time. However, many people are unaware that he has created another series which currently runs online. The same company behind Adventure Time, Frederator Studios, has a YouTube channel where they post a little show called Bravest Warriors.

Like Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors began as a single short for Frederator Studios’ Oh Yeah! Cartoons show on Nickelodeon. The show is set in the year 3085 and follows the adventures of four heroes-for-hire jet-setting around the cosmos fighting criminals and saving planets from imminent destruction. Along the way, the Warriors encounter strange aliens, dimension-hopping entities, and the adorable Catbug, among other fantastical creatures.


When Frederator decided to dive back into the online market, it only made sense it tap Pen Ward’s other big creation and bring it to life. Although created by Ward, he is mostly hands off when it comes to Bravest Warriors. The creative duties for the series are managed by Ward’s close personal friend and roommate, Breehn Burns. As the co-creator of the popular Dr. Tran series, Burns had already left his mark on online animation and everyone knew he could deliver.


So, is Bravest Warriors as good as Adventure Time? Um, no. In a lot of ways Bravest Warriors is too similar to its small screen sibling in terms of themes and characters. Still, it has been incredibly creative and funny as it works to find areas to try and grow into its own thing. And much like Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors has proved so popular it has its own comic series from BOOM.


So if you are ready for futuristic space adventures unlike any other, peep the entire first season in the video below. Over an hour of comedy goodness for you to feast on, enjoy!


Are you a fan of Bravest Warriors? Do you think the show is too similar to Adventure Time or is it a property that can stand on its own? Share your thoughts in the comments!