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Video: ‘Raid 2’ stars fight on stage during SxSW premiere

Whenever you are dealing with technology, there is always the possibility that something can go wrong. Whenever you are dealing with technology at a film festival, that possibility rapidly approaches Murphy’s Law territory.

Such unfortunately was the case with SxSW’s first attempt to screen The Raid 2. The wrong version of the film was downloaded to the theater’s server and eventually the screening was cancelled. Obviously, folks were disappointed. But in testament to how much director Gareth Evans and the cast care about Raid fans, Iko Uwais and his castmate Cecep Arif Rahman climbed up on the stage to engage in a live, impromptu fight sequence.


Luckily, Brian was there with his phone and caught the moment on camera. You absolutely MUST WATCH this video. The Raid 2 has since been rescheduled during SxSW and you can bet a pile of pummeled henchmen that we will be there.