My Top 5 ‘Ninja Sex Party’ Songs

I’m a sucker for musical comedy, especially short, goofy, gag songs. Enter Ninja Sex Party (NSP for short), the duo of Danny Sexbang (Dan Avidan) and Ninja Brian (Brian Wecht). Aside from NSP, Wecht is a physics professor and many people may recognize Dan  from his work on the “let’s play” YouTube channel Game Grumps with Egoraptor (Arin Hanson). NSP has even teamed up with Egoraptor to form the side group Starbomb, which makes funny songs about video games.

Screw all that other jazz though, we’re here for Ninja Sex Party proper and what they do best, rock. Instead of trying to explain NSP, I think I’ll let Danny and Brian explain it themselves:


Well, that does pretty much sum them up, on to the countdown!


5. Best Friends Forever


Brian just can’t stop a’murderin’. it is interesting to note that Ninja Brian seems happy with the Mario and Luigi comparison in the video seeing as he is Mario and Mario is looked upon as the dominant character. Once the duo is seen as Ash and Pikachu, a relationship where Ash (Danny)  is clearly in charge, does Brian really begin to seethe. I also like how Danny isn’t really upset that Brian is a murderer, only that he thinks that Brian is killing too much and might kill him. It’s an uplifting buddy song about two horrible people, which is part of the song’s overall charm.


4. The Decision


One of NSP‘s earliest and simplest songs, and that is what makes it work so well. I love how they start off on equal footing in pursuit of this woman, but as the song goes on Danny Sexbang can’t help but less and less subtly promote himself at Brian’s expense. stretch the joke for all it is worth, milking every bit of comedy they can out of it, and then the song cleverly stops. Sometimes it is how masterfully you do the simple things that shows your true mastery.


3. If We Were Gay


This song in terms of format is very similar to The Decision as Danny and Ninja Brian start off on equal footing but Danny’s enthusiasm and shameless self promotion once again have him pushing Brain too far with disastrous results. Some might consider this song homophobic, but I am of the mind that being able to make this song and video and push it as far as they did is proof as to where Dan and Brian’s hearts truly lie. Danny’s enthusiasm in this is just infectious and it makes for a great watch/listen.


2. Unicorn Wizard


We already established I like comedy songs, but I also dig hero anthems, and that is what this is. This one would make the top of my list just for Ninja Brian as “Princess Handjob,” but the whole song is dramatic and yet hilarious. They really pushed their imaginations on this one and I think it shows in every second of this.


1. Dinosaur Laser Fight


It’s hard to argue with a song that declares “It’s fucking science.” This is probably NSP‘s most well known song, which is kind of odd as while it does have Danny’s usual bit of  going into a tale that couldn’t possibly be true, this time it isn’t to impress or trick some woman into bed. Instead it is to “educate” a group of kids after their teacher has gone “missing”. What makes the song for me other than the fact they end the song joyously yelling out “FUCK!” (it gets me every time) is just how much I wish this was real history. It’s every boyhood fantasy I ever had mashed into one concentrated song of awesome.

Alright folks, now I want to hear from you. In the comments let me know what are your favorite 0Ninja Sex Party songs? Also, if you have a musical comedy group you think people should check out make sure to give them a shout out as well. Let’s celebrate music and laughter!

1,294 thoughts on “My Top 5 ‘Ninja Sex Party’ Songs”

  1. Charles Armstrong

    Their most recent song Dragon Slayer is probably my favorite. It’s great to see that they keep making great stuff.

  2. My favorites are FYI I Wanna F Your A, Why I Cry, and Objects of Desire. All three of these are hilarious and brilliant, but they’re also just good music to listen to XD I sing all three of these all. The. Time. XD’

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