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Movie Review: Divergent

You young adults, I swear. First you wanted more boy wizards, then it was angsty gothy teens, now you want chicks fighting fascism, when I was your age….oh, but look at me. Going off on my childhood when we should be talking about kids being forced out of childhood. That’s what all this YA stuff is about, right?

Like in “Divergent” with Shailene Woodley being forced by society to choose her own identity, only to find out she doesn’t fit into one of the neatly shaped holes that are provided for her, and must make adult decisions or be discovered for being the freaky deaky individual she is. Or something like that. And will she be able to make like rabbits with the hunky leader of her group? OH MY GAWD, I GOTTA KNOW.

Don’t let us stop you, but check out what the US has to say anyway. Chris, Ashley, JC and Beau take a look at the dystopian future of what you might think after you see this movie.