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Movie Review: Bad Words

Jason Bateman has had it up to HERE with your shenanigans. He’s sick and tired of being the nice schlub that has to deal with some obnoxious ass coming into his comfortably square life and ruining it. In fact, he’s so done with it, that he’s not only starring in this film, he’s directing it! He plays Guy Trilby, a 40 year old man who has decided he’s going to enter the national spelling bee contest and win! Problem, is it’s really intended for kids. That doesn’t stop Guy, who foul mouths his way hysterically through legions of angry parents determined to prove a point. But what is that point? And will he be able to keep his ire up at all costs when a plucky young contestant befriends him?

All these answers and more, when you actually go and pay to watch the movie, WHICH…the Unusual Suspects do, in fact, recommend. Hear why straight from the lips of Chris, Martin, and Brian.