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Infestation: Staple Day 2

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When one or two members of The Us get together, that’s merely a gathering. When hordes of Us descend upon one spot to worship at the altar of our geekdom, that’s the moment it becomes…an Infestation. Welcome to Infestation, OneOfUs.Net’s official festival and convention coverage feature.

It’s good thing we’re at Staple, because if Brian’s voice during this recording is any indication, we’re having a hard time keeping it together. Get it? Staple. Together. Yeah, THAT’S how exhausted we are.

But luckily we had plenty to keep us awake on this installment of Infestation. During the last day of the expo, from our base camp in the dusty corner of the Marchesa exhibition hall, One Of Us was fortunate enough to speak with not just one, but a veritable cadre of immensely talented artists, including “Nakatomi” Tim Doyle and Chip Zdarsky of the overwhelmingly-acclaimed Sex Criminals.

For comic book and poster aficionados, THIS is a podcast not to be missed. And with that, we bid adieu to Staple. Many thanks to our gracious expo hosts and coordinators, who can now satisfy themselves that (for now) that the Infestation has subsided.


  • Poster artist and Nakatomi, Inc founder Tim Doyle–(2:35)
  • Shannon Wheeler, creator of Too Much Coffee Man–(28:43)
  • Marvel artist Paul Benjamin–(48:00)
  • Godzilla comics artist Matt Frank–(83:02)
  • Sex Criminals creator Chip Zdarsky–(108:31)


Nakatomi         Too Much Coffee Man

Sex Criminals

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