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Infestation: Staple Day 1

When one or two members of The Us get together, that’s merely a gathering. When hordes of Us descend upon one spot to worship at the altar of our geekdom, that’s the moment it becomes…an Infestation. Welcome to Infestation, OneOfUs.Net’s official festival and convention coverage feature.

Staple is Austin’s now decade-running independent media expo. It’s a converging point for local artists, writers, and general creative types to network, to hawk their wares, and to be reminded that the transition from passionate hobby into lucrative profession is not in fact an insurmountable task.

And then…there’s us. Or more appropriately One Of Us. Nestled in their comfy corner of the main exhibition hall, Brian and Chris weren’t content merely observing the madness. They spread the good word, added new members to Us Nation, and talked with some phenomenal artists and creators. Also among the interviews, you’re bound to hear a familiar voice here and there.

Check out the full broadcast from our first day at Staple.


  •  Intro Segment/What’s Your Favorite Comic (00:14)
  •  Rage Select’s Jason Murphy Joins Us   (15:43)
  •  Brian & Inside the Locker’s J.C. Sneak In A Quick Sports Convo (27:20)
  •  Dragon’s Lair’s Graphic Designer Zach Martin Chats Ghostbusters  (31:51)
  •  THEOG’s Martin Thomas Checks In   (52:51)
  •  Dan Price, Creator of Masters of the Obvious Visits   (67:57)
  •  The Guys Reunite with Richard Whittaker of The Austin Chronicle  (77:48)


Xaq   Masters of the Obvious