Digital Noise Episode 34: With Apologies To The State of Nebraska


We’re got a rough ride for you this week, Digiphiles, especially if you’re Brian’s voice. Poor guy works so hard for your amusement he’s Tom Waits-ed his voice. But bravely, he gravelly marches on, along with Chris, bringing you the best and worst of the week’s home release titles.

We’ve got rock and roll in Muscle Shoals, we’ll ask ya how ya feel about Nebraska, and the digits on Legit.

Oh, and a giveaway of the week that will make horror fans happy as can be. Don’t miss this week in the Noise Room, and while it’s comparatively of brevity, it’s got twice the levity. Also, rhyming. Check it.

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Nebraska Blu-ray Review  Muscle Shoals Blu-ray Review   Narco Cultura Blu-ray Review

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300 Spartans Blu-ray Reviews  Mr Nobody Blu-ray Review  Breathless Blu-ray Review

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Legit Season 1 Blu-ray Review  Memory of the Dead DVD Review


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728 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 34: With Apologies To The State of Nebraska”

  1. I new if I just kept hitting refresh Id be the first one here. So what if I get carpal tunnel and have to learn to masturbate with my other hand, it was worth it.

  2. El Pollo Guerrera

    I’d love to see “Alone in the Dark” get a decent release… Brian, the forgot to mention that the ‘new doctor’ was played by Dwight Schultz, aka. Lt. Barclay (ST:TNG) and Howlin’ Mad Murdock (A-Team).

  3. Hi Chris I am the angry Mr Nobody fan and after hearing the DN review would like to apologize for the earlier misguided anger (especially since i realized i never really did it before). also after hearing you liked it i think i need to buy a lottery ticket cause i am apparently psychic when angry 😉

    as for the movie i think my biggest problem with it was that it was so long. I mean come on the heart of the movie is over 2 hours long and they STILL needed like 20 minutes of exposition scenarios/plot to tell the audience what is coming at the end. Plus the bit half way through the movie where he is doing his TV host thing and says something like “Let’s go back to the beginning” felt like a personal insult and made me want to kill Jared Leto’s character rather than risk the movie retelling the same hour plus ‘story’. I understood they were trying to explore all the paths not taken and show how different life could be but their ending was just so weak and some of the plot was so frustrating.

    If they had just focused on 2 of the main possibilities and the weird interstitial stuff and kept it under 2 hours I probably would have enjoyed it; but in the end it kept trying to tell me it was more important than it was and I hated it. like i said a few days ago I am sure it is just an innocent difference in opinions and like you said in the review the film isn’t for everyone.

    (sorry for the rant this started off much smaller but my hate kept growing the vitriol)

  4. Sweet! They read my question! This show gave me an appreciation for Shout/Scream factory so I thought it was only fitting to ask what you guys wanted from them.

    I always hold out hope for Tango and Cash just because I don’t care what anyone says, I fucking love that movie.

    But keeping with the Scream Factory label, I’d love to see them get the rights to more Carpenter films because imagine if they did Big Trouble in Little China or The Thing? I know there was a limited release of this movie that goes for a lot on Ebay, but I’d love for them to do Fright Night. Hell, give me The Wraith!

    I love this company because of the wonderful original covers (and that they’re reversable) but the special features are always worth buying for alone, not to mention the movies themselves.

  5. Lots of good documentaries in this week’s episode. And Brian has a hint of Cargill in his hoarse voice. 😀

  6. “Fuck New Wave” -> “J’encule la Nouvelle Vague” not “Baisée” 😉
    Not criticizing. I’m actually on your side.
    J’encule également la Nouvelle Vague and couldn’t wait for the french new school to get over it already !
    Another Fantastic Show Guys !
    Can’t wait to hear you next week.

    1. You’ll have to take that up with Google translate. I read EXACTLY what it gave me. Maybe they need to revise their system.

      1. Yeah, I figured.
        At least now, when you guys come visit us, you’ll be able to properly insult our cabdrivers 🙂 (Don’t feel bad, they deserve it).

  7. Godard’s easily the most radical and ostentatious of the New Wavers. Everything else is no where near as pompous as his work, and one’s dislike of the movement shouldn’t hinge upon his films.

  8. Great show! Definitely want to check out Memory of the Dead. My friends birthday is coming and I will be ordering from Amazon so I will def come here first. Keep up the great work.

  9. I live in South Dakota you are not missing much with Nebraska if it was in Color it would be a lot of red. By that I mean Cornhuskers shirts.

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