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Why I’m excited for 24: Live Another Day

In May, Jack Bauer will return to our screens in the ninth season of 24 entitled ‘Live Another Day. ‘ I am super excited for his return and here’s why.

When ’24’ Debuted back in 2001 it was remarkable TV viewing. It presented a 24 episode, real time structure depicting an entire days events. Real time itself had never been utilized in the mainstream and used in more experimental projects such as Mike Higgis’ ‘Timecode’ .

For me personally, ’24’ was also one of the first shows in my adult life I was attracted too. I had moved past the pain of losing Buffy, Angel and Friends and had began studying at University in 2008 when I began to watch it. Yes I was late to the party, but I never followed American TV, Nor had Fox to catch it before hand (apart from that one shot of Jack crying at the end season three featured in an old Fox trailer).


Can you tell I was addicted to it?

It was exciting, full of intrigue and featured some of the most iconic characters in the lexicon. I was immediately hooked. Yes, in the later seasons it got a little stale and predictable, but even at its weakest I believe that ’24’ was still a quality show with much to give. I was never fully satisfied with the conclusion of the eighth season and whilst the final moments were touching, it was never the finale we deserved and I always believed that it would return in some form.



There was talk for a number of years of ’24’ returning. At one point there was a rumor that Jack Bauer would team up with John McClane in a new series or feature. Many deemed it an awful decision but I was interested. It would have been fascinating to see these two characters come to blows. It could have also helped reinvigorate the ‘Die Hard’ franchise but alas, ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ is what we ultimately got and we all know how that turned out.

06112010_DieHard247The problem with ’24’ returning was simple. It was one of the last of a dying generation of television. TV evolved and began producing high quality shows such as ‘Breaking Bad’ ‘Walking Dead’ with shorter episode numbers and increased focus on character and story telling. How would a dying format of twenty plus episodes fit into today’s TV landscape. I guess the answer is that it couldn’t, but that hasn’t stopped ’24’ from returning. After failed movie attempts it was confirmed last year that the show would return in a twelve episode structure retaining real time, but allowing hourly jumps between episodes to suit the story. The real time format of the show by this point is ingrained in culture and therefore, I feel it’s easier for this decision to be made. A long break in production is hopefully exactly what the entire creative team needed to produce some high quality, high adrenaline TV.

I always enjoyed how, regardless of how much time had passed between seasons there was a sense of progression within the characters, specifically within the political sphere which inhabits much of ’24’. This new season sees former Secretary of Defense James Heller, featured in seasons four, five and six return, now as the President of the US after Alison Taylor no doubt stepped down after the events of season eight. It fits, it makes sense and gives a continuity to the world of the show.

With a increasingly interesting cast, including Stephen Fry and a relocation to London I hope this new season can be fresh, interesting and personal for Jack Bauer. After the Superbowl trailers which featured some rather awful CG, I hope we won’t see a return of the poor CG that plagued the later seasons and rather the down to earth effects such as we (for the most part) see in the extended trailer.

’24’ remains one of my favorite shows of all time and I cant wait for its return… DAMMIT CHLOE!

What was you favorite season or moment from ’24’? Are you looking forward to the new season? comment below.