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The New God-Damn-Zilla Trailer Is Pretty Cold Blooded

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“The arrogance of man is thinking that nature is in our control… and not the other way around.”

That quote uttered by Ken Wantanabe in the latest Godzilla trailer is probably the best hint as to how this movie will play out. It is the tone-setter, the theme, and the conflict… it’s also an astute prediction about the nature of the creature itself. I mean, this thing is HUGE and looking for blood, and anyone who gets it Godzilla’s way is certainly screwed. Check out this trailer and let’s discuss.



Did you hear that little purr Mr. Zilla gave at the end there? He’s basically telling us that this film is going to be just purrrrfect. Seriously, it really looks like they are trying to distance themselves as far away from Roland Emmerich’s film as possible. I really like the dark and serious tone that this Godzilla is taking, and it really looks like they are amping up the human element to it. I think that this is why they wanted Bryan Cranston on board. He is a serious actor, and a very dramatic one. This film means business, and god damn it, Gareth Edwards has got something to prove!

This trailer does raise a question for me, but perhaps that’s because I’m unfamiliar with the lore, so maybe you lovely folks can help me out!

They say they woke him up in 1954, and that the nuclear tests weren’t actually tests, but rather they were trying to kill it. Does that mean Godzilla isn’t the result of the nuclear tests? Where did he come from then? And how did they keep this huge lizard a secret for nearly 60 years (assuming this film takes place in modern day)?

So fellow USians, do you know the answers to my questions? What do you think of the trailer? Whatever your thoughts, comment below and let One of Us know!