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Movie Review: ‘Non-Stop’

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Sometimes movie titles succeed in not only describing the plot of said cinematic offering, but also in characterizing the career  of its headlining star at that particular moment in time. Such is certainly the case with the film Non-Stop, and its star, dynamo of kinetic box office energy that is Liam Neeson.

But would Neeson be able to bring his violent brand of magic to this Die-Hard-on-a-plane? Or would this vehicle face a catastrophic disaster before landing? The Unusual Suspects were willing to secure boarding passes and climb aboard Non-Stop to let you know whether the skies were friendly enough (or rather if they were unfriendly enough, it is Neeson after all).

Brian and J.C. give their thoughts on the film with Chris serving as their flight attendant. We called him our stewardess, but he got upset. Give a listen to the review, make sure your ears are in the upright, unblocked position.

Yeah, but dat Liam Neesons though!