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Highly Suspect Reviews: Rom-Ageddon

This Valentine’s Week, there is an unprecedented plethora of cinematic romance bursting forth onto multiplex screens; yes, bursting…like an overripe cow heart. Rom-coms and Rom-drams are positively crowding into theaters, all fighting to be THE movie that you are forced to see this weekend. There were so many flicks in fact, that most of them screened for press here in Austin on the same night!

It is for this reason that the normally tight-knit and united cadre of miscreants known as The Unusual Suspects had to split up; had to divide and conquer this unenviable Herculean task. They then reconvened for one Highly Suspect, and highly extensive, Review.

So, just in time for the inclement VD, we bring you Rom-Ageddon! Think of it as your Whitman’s Sampler Box of filmic romance. Some of these roms were surprisingly strong, others were worse than accidentally biting into the coconut candy piece. Seriously, Whitman’s? Coconut?!

Empty Space

Movies we cover…


About Last Night–1:25



That Awkward Moment–17:56



Winter’s Tale–36:37



Endless Love–52:20


To which movie, if any, will you be taking your significant other this weekend?
(*Cough* GoSeeTheLEGOMovieInstead *Cough*)