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Highly Awesome “Highly Suspect” Fan Art

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We feel truly blessed to have some amazingly talented artists who count themselves as fans of ours. I know for me personally, starting out my career as a just another loudmouthed geek, I NEVER thought I would ever be featured in fan art…you know, because you have to have fans first.

And yet the last couple of years have brought an overwhelming and humbling number of artistic tributes from listeners/readers. This latest artwork is among my favorites. Listener Jordan Schwager created this image of (a few of) The Unusual Suspects from our Highly Suspect Reviews. I can’t…there just aren’t words.

Check it out…


The image came replete with Jordan’s breakdown of his characterizations of the group. You can read those descriptions below. I love that he even incorporated our beloved blue monster mascot into the mix.


Martin “The Elder One” Thomas – Ancient Time Wizard who directs the group from the shadows using his vast experience to help the group.

Beau “The Troll” Paul – with his mighty Club of Correction.

Ashley “Mind Crafter” Moreno– A master assassin who uses to her magic needles to get her POINT across. (strap in, there are more puns coming)

The Mighty Us-He is a gestalt entity made up of all the nerd rage spewed across the entire internet making him a powerful if unruly ally of the Unusual Suspects.

Chris “Cat Master” Cox – with his trusted companion Monkey the cat is a most formidable verbal martial artist, using fluid puns in quick succession to confuse and irritate his enemies and then turning their own words around making them believe they were agreeing with him the entire time.

Brian “The Beerbarian” Salisbury – A giant of a man. Using his beer fueled rants littered with puns and insightful obscure movie knowledge references, he easily overwhelm his opponents.

Luke “The Furbolg” Mullen – Not much is known about this strange and hirsute creature. He is a long time companion of the Brian and it is unclear if he is a bodyguard or pet, but what is known is that he is capable of wielding his beard with such precision and ferocity that only a fool would risk awakening his wrath.


Thank you, Mr. Schwager. We are honored.