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Enter The Strip Club

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I remember being so excited when Dad brought in the Sunday paper. We’d have to wait for him to pull out the relevant grown-up pages and sit and at least scan them before my little sister and I were allowed to fight like crazed wolverines over who got which section of the funny pages.


I still can’t believe I ever was that concerned about what Garfield was doing with his day.

Flash to (*cough*) many years later and I STILL want to go straight to the funnies. I mean, fuck Garfield, but the internet has turned out to be a wealth of indie comic creators writing with great nicheyness to appeal to every tiny demographic under the sun. Or, in our case, hiding from the sun, as it is evil and destroys happiness.


It burns…it burns…


But, I’ll leave the humor here to the actual cartoonists, like our good friend and former member of the LEOG, Jason Fisher, who turned in this beauty as hopefully the first of many of the like we’ll see from him:


And here’s where you come in…

We want more.. MORE….


Bring us all your homemade cartoon strips. Start one, if even you never dreamed you my try such a thing. You never know what hidden reserves you might have. Do you think the XKYCD guy thought to himself, “I’m so naturally gifted at drawing characters, I should do a regular strip”? Of course not. Be creative. Show us what you got.

Hell, even I’VE put together a comic before. Sure, I used an app to do it, but what the hell…


Funny is funny and even this type of thing counts.



post them in the comments. Send them to us at and if we like what we see, we’ll be in touch. The dream is to see Oneofus have a regular Sunday funnies page. But it depends on you. Be part of The Us.