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Editorial: What’s so awful about the Lex Luthor casting anyway?

I’m going to say it: I’m fine with Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in MOS2 or BVS or ZSFY or whatever you want to call the Superman sequel. Why, you ask with horrified rage, feeling the ground you thought was safe slip away from under you?

First, this is clearly a BIG reboot/re-imagining of the Supes universe into a dimension where he doesn’t mind so much letting thousands die (had to throw one last bit of snark towards MOS, sorry, I’m done now). Things are GOING to be different. They do it ALL the time in the comics. What do you think the New52 was? Sure, it sucked, (Batman was pretty good, but that’s Scott Snyder for you, who’s the only Snyder they should have considered to be in charge here) but it’s one of MANY times they’ve drastically changed up the universe. Zach Snyder’s heading this one up so I’d be surprised if they didn’t shake up some things to fit, whatever abortion he probably has planned regardless.

Second, Eisenberg seems born to play the brilliant but insecure super-villain. Arguably, from a different perspective, that’s what he WAS playing in “Now You See Me”. So what, he’s not as old as you’re USED to seeing Lex (for the record, in the comics, he started out as Superboy’s age). Even though he hasn’t always been the older cat who runs a giant corporation and spends all his resources trying to become President/killing Supes, but is instead more like an earlier incarnation of the character, you’re all furious? I can picture him having a grand old time chewing on that role and enjoying the hell out of watching him do it.

Third, well, I’m 3/4 convinced it’s going to be ‘meh’ anyway, so I’m not exactly emotionally invested at this point. I realize that puts me in a different camp than a lot of you who are excited for this, but even if I wasn’t so turned off by the first film, restraining expectations is ALWAYS a good thing. Adding Eisenberg does nothing but ‘up’ the potential of it being an enjoyable and surprising night at the theater. I think he’s an excellent actor who has been great in a number of roles. I don’t remember hearing anyone else complaining before now. Are you sure you’re not confusing him with Michael Cera?

I guess the whole thing doesn’t make sense to me. Had you just pictured someone else so determinedly that them going another way forces you to OMG WTF on the internet? Is it that he currently has hair? Is it that you don’t think he’s old enough (which, as I said, doesn’t even make sense to be upset about). Are you just mad that the rumor that it was going to be Bryan Cranston turned out to be, as many of us said, never going to really happen? Sometimes, I can’t figure you guys out.

By the way, did you hear they’re casting Justin Bieber as Green Lantern?