Editorial: What’s so awful about the Lex Luthor casting anyway?

I’m going to say it: I’m fine with Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in MOS2 or BVS or ZSFY or whatever you want to call the Superman sequel. Why, you ask with horrified rage, feeling the ground you thought was safe slip away from under you?

First, this is clearly a BIG reboot/re-imagining of the Supes universe into a dimension where he doesn’t mind so much letting thousands die (had to throw one last bit of snark towards MOS, sorry, I’m done now). Things are GOING to be different. They do it ALL the time in the comics. What do you think the New52 was? Sure, it sucked, (Batman was pretty good, but that’s Scott Snyder for you, who’s the only Snyder they should have considered to be in charge here) but it’s one of MANY times they’ve drastically changed up the universe. Zach Snyder’s heading this one up so I’d be surprised if they didn’t shake up some things to fit, whatever abortion he probably has planned regardless.

Second, Eisenberg seems born to play the brilliant but insecure super-villain. Arguably, from a different perspective, that’s what he WAS playing in “Now You See Me”. So what, he’s not as old as you’re USED to seeing Lex (for the record, in the comics, he started out as Superboy’s age). Even though he hasn’t always been the older cat who runs a giant corporation and spends all his resources trying to become President/killing Supes, but is instead more like an earlier incarnation of the character, you’re all furious? I can picture him having a grand old time chewing on that role and enjoying the hell out of watching him do it.

Third, well, I’m 3/4 convinced it’s going to be ‘meh’ anyway, so I’m not exactly emotionally invested at this point. I realize that puts me in a different camp than a lot of you who are excited for this, but even if I wasn’t so turned off by the first film, restraining expectations is ALWAYS a good thing. Adding Eisenberg does nothing but ‘up’ the potential of it being an enjoyable and surprising night at the theater. I think he’s an excellent actor who has been great in a number of roles. I don’t remember hearing anyone else complaining before now. Are you sure you’re not confusing him with Michael Cera?

I guess the whole thing doesn’t make sense to me. Had you just pictured someone else so determinedly that them going another way forces you to OMG WTF on the internet? Is it that he currently has hair? Is it that you don’t think he’s old enough (which, as I said, doesn’t even make sense to be upset about). Are you just mad that the rumor that it was going to be Bryan Cranston turned out to be, as many of us said, never going to really happen? Sometimes, I can’t figure you guys out.

By the way, did you hear they’re casting Justin Bieber as Green Lantern?


2,304 thoughts on “Editorial: What’s so awful about the Lex Luthor casting anyway?”

  1. Composite Who Horrible

    I absolutely agree with this piece. I was already meh about the idea of the sequel so this just further solidifies my disinterest in watching. However, I am really hopeful that they at least try to give him more presence then a bald Millennial millionaire persona. I can’t help feel that the casting may turn into a jab at the internet age by the writers, implying that “kids these days think they are so powerful with their internet and social media, but they are just weak, manipulative villains”. Again, I’m reading too much into it, but hiring the guy who played Mark Zuckerberg does give me pause to wonder.
    The Jeremy Irons casting however was pretty solid. So there is that to consider.

  2. I know my reaction was a knee jerk reaction, but I stand by my not liking the idea. He is a good actor and I can’t argue against the fact he can play a character like Lex, but I don’t see him being able to BE Lex. Thing is he isn’t all that young, he’s what 30? It’s just everytime I hear him talk it pretty much sounds the same to me, whether sad, happy, or angry. Also I just feel he won’t look all that menacing when next to “Superman.” I like the guy a lot I just feel it isn’t the best role for him. Plus the idea of him bald makes me want to laugh more than be “that guy is the most powerful man in Metropolis and I shouldn’t mess with him.” I see your point though Chris and I can’t argue against any of it, I just personally don’t agree.

  3. I have a belief that you can’t go wrong with adding talent. Eisenberg is an Oscar Nominated actor. He’s a talented, versatile actor. People compare him to Michael Cera but that’s probably because all they think of is his Zombieland character. He’s much more than that.

    If he plays Luthor as a mix between Zuckerberg and his role in Now You See Me, this could work. He is playing a younger version of Lex, so shouldn’t we change our perception of what Lex might be? I imagine a young Lex in today’s society to be just like Mark Zuckerberg: a narcissistic, cold-hearted, intelligent individual willing to do what ever it takes to show the world his abilities.

    Besides, isn’t it kind of cool we have a Lex Luthor that is the same age as Superman (both Eisenberg/Cavill are born in 1983)? I’m kind of tired of the Old Lex/Young Superman routine.

  4. I am fine with this. He wouldn’t have been the first person i thought of but i have liked him in everything i have seen him in so far. Also i think he can bring some interesting creepyness to the role. I was amazed by the fan reaction because i figure there could be much worse casting.


    1.) jesse is 30 same age as henry cavill do you bloody research. 30 isnt young

    2.) thousands died from the world engine in metropolis, WHILE HE WAS SAVING THE REMAINING ENTIRE POPULATION OF THE HUMAN RACE by stopping the world engine direct DUMBASS, and nearly died doing so, SO DONT F__KING TELL ME HE WAS OK WITH PEOPLE DYING, he like any intelligent person, would decide what is the most dire threat and deal with it first.

    3.) as for the final fight scene, ONE SINGLE F__KING BUILDING FELL AS A RESULT OF THE FIGHT, i seriously dout a thousand people where in that single building, and him being thrown thru even a moderatly crowded building isnt going to kill that many people, and thats still completely zod’s fault, considering other than one building he dragged zods face thru some windows, he never once actually punched/threw zod in to a building in the entire fight.

    when they get up in the sky far above the buildings he unleashes on zod in a way he never does while still down among the towers, if that isnt taking ones surroundings in to account and restraining ones self for the civillians sake i dont know what is

    PROVE ME WRONG BITCH here is the full fight scene

    4.) and also, your bitching on the last orignal gentelmen that he doesnt save anyone, again HE ALMOST DIES SAVING THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE. him not one by one saving individuals while facing zod, probably saved lives also by keeping zods attention off of them, especially after his promise to make them suffer, but yeah completely ignore context so you can whine.

    5.) when the in the new 52 has superman let people die intentionally?
    look at this, a whole fight scene dedicated to him having to fight in the city, and hearing him mentally think out his moves and what will cost the least amount of damage and risk to people, despite him knowing no matter what some are going to die.

  6. I dont doubt he has the ability to play ruthless money opposed businessman I mean we all saw it in The Social Network. But that is just it I dont want Lex to be a retread of Zuckerburg. Further more even if he bulks up or puts on makeup its that high pitched voice that keeps me from wrapping my head around the whole thing.

    But like Martin said is a baby faced high pitched Luthor so strange next to a Superman who kills people.

  7. also a shit ton more of the new 52 was good besides just snyders batman

    aquaman, wonder woman, batwoman, batman and twoface, swamp thing, justice league (throne of atlantis onward), superman unchained, superman wonder woman (probably the best version of zod in the comics ever), forever evil the main book has been meh, but the justice league tie ins that explores the crime syndicate are supurb.

  8. Way too much hype over this film. Which is still two and a half years away. And has no chance of living up to the expectation.

  9. i hear what you are saying and i do respect eisenberg as a solid actor, but there are a few things going on here. first the bulk of the vocal internet majority, myself included, have only really known lex as the bald angry devious and older ceo (i dont count smallville it is myopic but that was just a whole different set of rules anyways). it has been this way for over thirty years now and when you consider that the previous rumors and adaptations include bryan cranston, kevin spacey, gene hackman and even clancy brown we have come to expect a certain caliber of actor and presence.

    eisenberg in my opinion has never felt imposing but rather smug and insecure making me become either frustrated or angered at his characters. he does do a great job at playing the guy who is too smart for everyone else but i have no faith he can harness that aspect into a menacing portrayal of lex luthor. overall i think the biggest frustration with the casting choice is that there is one less bullet of super high quality actors that could make the movie awesome.

    for me so far everyone has the ability to not screw things up but there are fewer and fewer roles to fill with people that could knock it out of the park.

  10. I was honestly not sure either why everyone was wailing out loud and waving their hands in the air about this because… he’s proven himself to be a pretty darn good actor over the years. Sure, this is quite a leap for him, but Heath Ledger did the same jump into the Superhero genre with spectacular results. Most people are just screaming “I’m complaining because I want to voice my anger at a choice I wasn’t told about!!!”, when this has the potential of being a great casting decision that might… just might pull up the potential for this sequel.

  11. Talented actor and I can see him pull off that Lex Luthor smugness. Many people freaked when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker. Look what happened there. Give him a chance. I’m more concerned with Zack Snyder’s involvement. I hope Ben Affleck has some control over the film. Just have to wait and see.

  12. If they are going the corrupt businessman route, I’m of mixed feelings about the casting. Lex should have two personalities. One is the real Lex, who is a smarmy asshole billionaire and we know Eisenberg can play that just fine. The other is the public Lex. The guy who knows how to work a crowd, is extremely likeable and can get the masses on his side. If Eisenberg can pull that off then I’m sold. Right now I’m cautiously optimistic.

  13. I think my major problem with the casting (other then on personal grudges against an other wise good actor) is that he doesn’t give off that sense of confidence you want in a Lex Luthor. Someone that has to convince the mass populace that not only is “Superman” is a threat, but he is the only one that can stop him. I haven’t watched the film nor have any idea what they are going to do with him or how Jessie Eisenberg is going to portray him but from the outside, he went from evil genius who thinks he has humanity best Interest at heart to a slimy little rich brat who is mad cause… no one wants to listen OMG that kinda sounds good.

  14. I was pulled to this discussion by gravity–Oh, look! So many shiny comments! I must be a part!–but unfortunately, the high comment-count was inflated by way too much Internet-GRRR-ALLCAPS-fighty-fights to be very fun. I’ll stick to commenting on the actual editorial itself.

    Chris, I see logic in all three of your points, but I’m thinking that the whole point of your piece is wrapped up in the third point–that this isn’t likely going to be a good movie, so why get worked up about it? Zack Snyder has demonstrated to the Geekosystem that he is incapable of interpreting comic book material–he lacks the empathy, perhaps even the moral core, necessary to ‘get’ the real power of superheroes. Thus, if one cares about comic books and their faithful, or emotional, translation to the silver screen, one should know by now that Zack will fail you–so you can stop yer crying now.

    I agree with that point, but I’d take it further–or rather, limit it to JUST that point. Informed by many helpful reviews (and quite frankly, your own opinion most of all) I stayed the hell away from MOS, until I was caught on a 15-hour flight and couldn’t drink myself to sleep for fear of being pummeled by air marshals. Finally, squinting into the seat ahead of me, I sat through MOS, and was sad that I did so, even if it means I finally can participate in these conversations. I’m perpetually disappointed by 90%+ of all comic book movies, but MOS I found an extremely disheartening attempt to retell Superman–tone-deaf to the rhythms of superhero myths, yet at the same time delusionally convinced of its own fluency. Therefore, all this hand-wringing about whether Ben Affleck’s chin juts out of the bat-cowl, or whether Jesse Ceraberg mumblecores his way through MOS2 with a rubber skin-wig on, is pointless: if you truly love the source material so much that these casting decisions pain your heart, than you have no business seeing this movie.

    I’m beginning to think that all this casting Kabuki Hollywood does actually helps build buzz that will sell tickets, regardless of whether that buzz is positive enthusiasm, or the high, frightening whine of a swarm of angry geeks. Therefore, the best service one could do to the Geekosystem–if you want the courage of your convictions to actually make an impact on what the movie industry does with the material you love–is to vote with your dollars and NOT. SEE. THIS. MOVIE. GRrrrrr–fightfight!

  15. I was shocked at first but then slowly started to warm up to this idea. However, then someone asked me “Hey shouldn’t he have been cast as Jimmy Olsen instead?” and I dropped my coffee cup as all the pieces lined up in my head.

    I almost get a weird feeling like someone at Warner Brothers was walking down the hallway with their pitch for Jimmy Olsen and someone else was walking down the hall with their pitch for Lex Luthor, they bumped into each other and got their pitches swapped. If Denzel Washington shows up in the movie as Jimmy then you’ll know that’s what happened.

  16. The only question I have Is … Who to say Eisenburg won’t be able to pull it off. I mean, they have already a different take on certain elements of the Superman mythos (Pa Kent telling Clark he should let people die in order to keep his secret for example). Also, Eisenburg is great at playing the smartest person in the room. He did that in the Social Network. Who the say his take on Lex won’t be slightly similar. Maybe playing Lex as a Steven Job type character, someone who can sell people on an idea, a vision, without Superman, but underneath it all, he is a genius and possibly has multiple plans at work (working towards a presidential bid, destroy Superman’s credibility, …) Not to mention, there have been multiple versions of Lex Luther and I think DC rebooted his origin story again with the launch of the new 52. Before we past judge, remember Heath Ledger and how no one thought he could pull off the Joker.

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