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Digital Noise Episode 33: Jason Statham–American Hero

Ladies and ginger snaps, it’s time for another episode of Digital Noise. So warm up your ear sockets! This week, we cover everything from Thor to Game of Thrones to Adventure Time…as well as titles that DON’T take place in awesome fantasy worlds. We have some Bad Dreams, discuss the reasons you really shouldn’t Beware the Batman, and fall hard for Gravity. On top of all this (is a cheesy pun sauce?), we giveaway not just one Jason Statham action movie, but a whole trio of Jason Statham action movies. The man has an around-the-clock shadow and more muscles than a seafood restaurant menu.

You gotta love it. Lock the doors, get comfortable, and prepare to crank up Da Noise!
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Thor Dark World w timeWadjda w timeGravity w time Empty Space DC Super Heroes w timeBeware the Batman w timeAdventure Time w time Empty Space Game of Thrones w timeAfternoon Delight w timeHellbenders w time Empty Space Battle of the Damned w timeThe Shadow w timeThe Invoking w time Empty Space Bad Dreams Visiting Hours w time22 Bullets w timeHomefront w time Empty Space

How To Win This Week’s Giveaway:

1.) Follow @OneOfUsNet on Twitter

2.) Tweet at us with the absolute worst role in which to cast Jason Statham (example: live-action Pinky & The Brain…as Pinky?)

3.) Add hashtag #StathamGiveaway

4.) We’ll select our favorite and contact that winner via Twitter. (open to U.S. Residents only)