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Watch: Quentin Tarantino and Steve Buscemi Rehearsing ‘Reservoir Dogs’

Are you still reeling from the news that Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight has been postponed indefinitely? Well Tarantinites, let’s calm our frustrations by returning to a simpler time. The year is 1991; George H.W. Bush was still president, The Simpsons was still considered controversial and a young filmmaker was prepping his first film. That film? Reservoir Dogs.

Footage of Quentin rehearsing some scenes from his debut with future Boardwalk Empire star and Gollum-look alike Steve Buscemi recently hit the internet. The scenes in question involve Buscemi’s Mr. Pink talking to Mr. White (played by Harvey Keitel in the final film version, subbed by Tarantino here). Said scenes include Pink and White arguing about a potential set up, leading to a back & forth in the bathroom and walking outside. You can watch the full rehearsal video below:

It’s interesting to see a young and hungry version of Quentin at work, long before he had a self assured status and celebrity life style. He and Buscemi also display this intriguing chemistry that makes me wonder if Tarantino could have handled the Mr. White role himself. Then I remembered his other attempts at acting and felt glad that his role as Mr. Brown in the final film was respectfully short. That being said, the footage still shows that Tarantino had a lot of potential at the time, particularly with how he already had all the shots perfectly planned out even during this rehearsal process. Also, there’s not much to say about Buscemi beyond the simple fact that the guy had the scenes down even before the official cameras started rolling.

With the reveal of this footage, I’m curious to see what other rehearsal video featuring Tarantino could pop up? Pulp FictionKill BillDjango Uncha… well, maybe Tarantino wouldn’t want that online. What about you people out there? Post your own rehearsal requests in the comments below!

Via ScreenCrush