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The Pre-Weekend Recap: January 31, 2014

Welcome one and all to this edition of the Pre-Weekend Recap! As always, the various podcasters, bloggers, writers, and other contributors of One of Us worked incredibly hard to bring you some of amazing content this week.

Of course, sometimes life has a way of getting in the way of sitting on your rump on the internet all day. Perhaps you missed a post or two or just didn’t get a chance to listen to the latest episode of your favorite show. Don’t you worry, that’s what this feature is for! Below you’ll find some of the many posts that debuted on the site this week, conveniently linked for your use. All you have to do is enjoy it! Shall we begin?


Digital Noise Episode 29: Pirates of the Polar Vortex

DN-featured image

On this episode of Digital Noise, Chris and Brian are fighting the cold by cuddling together under the same blanket and reviewing a few of the latest home releases. Listen in for the lowdown on Captain PhillipsEnough Said, and this week’s pick of the week, Never Sleep Again, the documentary about the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Plus, they’re giving away a copy of Alfonso Cuaron’s 2013 Academy Award-nominated picture, Gravity. Give it a listen so you can find out how to score it for yourself!


The Whovian Physician’s Desk Reference: Part 1

This week, fans of the BBC’s Doctor Who got their first look at the new Doctor’s clothing. One of our most passionate Whovians, Mr. John Eckes, was inspired by the clothing reveal and decided to speculate about which of the former Doctors might influence Peter Capaldi’s performance as everyone’s favorite Time Lord. This entry looks back on the first six Doctors, from William Hartnell to Colin Baker, and highlights the features that made each one unique. If you’re new to Who or if you want to compare your predictions to John’s, this is the article for you. Keep your eyes open for Part 2 in the very near future!


Ash & Fern – When You Just Can’t Break Up With a Show

Ash & Fern 371

It can be difficult to call it quits with a show you’ve been following for a while. Sadly, when a long-running series loses its luster, you just need to let it go. Fortunately, Fern knows how you feel and she’s here to sympathize with you. She has two of her own hangers-on and in this post, you’ll find out what they are and why she just has to keep watching them. Take a look and tell her about your own upcoming television breakups in the comments!


Distinctive Style: Comic Book Creator Chris Kent Speaks

In the latest of One of Us’ series of interviews with some of the world’s most creative people, Mr. Chris Harrison had the opportunity to Chris Kent. In addition to his abilities as a comic book artists, Kent is also a painter, sculptor, furniture maker, and the founder of Graphite Fiction based in Scotland. Our intrepid correspondent talked with Kent about his background as an artist, his company, and his latest graphic novel, The Golem. Check out the interview, as well as some images from Kent’s current and previous works, and be sure to look for our upcoming review of The Golem soon!


Inside The Locker: Royal Bumble (with Commentary)

Last Sunday, WWE held its latest Royal Rumble, an event that draws the attention of wrestling fans across the nation. Of course, the sports nerds of Inside The Locker were watching the event with great anticipation, but they weren’t alone. The hosts of the fantastic wrestling podcast All Rings Considered,  John and Amanda, teamed up with the locker rats. Together, they answered questions from the live chat and had a great time jawing about the event on mic. You can listen to all of that goodness right here, so do just that!

That’ll do for now. If you like our content, be sure to share it with like-minded geeks across the globe and help the site grow! Thanks for the support and have a great weekend!