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The Many Deaths of Harry & Marv From The ‘Home Alone’ Films

The crew behind the website Screen Junkies has a popular video series entitled Honest Trailers, in which they take requests for a movie and make a hilariously honest trailer for it. They will take footage from the movie and skewer it with hilarious commentary and a damn good voice over to boot. In the series’ latest entries, the lampooning has taken a new approach by picking action movies and analyzing what would ACTUALLY happen to a character who takes a nasty fall three stories onto concrete. Spoiler: they wouldn’t simply get up and be ready for more punishment.

I was particularly impressed by the video focusing on Harry & Marv from John Hughes’ Home Alone movies because who hasn’t watched theses films and scoffed at the ridiculousness of what happens to the criminals let alone how they could survive half the things that happen to them? This video answers exactly that and in a most hilarious fashion. The real answer to it all is that, in real life, they would not survive the shenanigans of Home Alone 1 or 2. Check out the Honest Action video for yourself to see the many deaths of Harry and Marv played famously by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern!


I always get a kick out of watching these movies, especially when they are on almost every day on cable around Christmas. However, what seemed like harmless fun when I was a kid quickly morphed into kind of a disturbing bit of violence for what are widely considered kid’s movies. The injuries described during the course of the video are nothing short of painful and cringe-inducing even though this is meant to be fun and games. All that said, it’s still pretty funny to see some of the injuries described – especially if you’ve ever sat there and wondered what exactly would happen if this wasn’t all pretend. Some of my favorites include “Penetrating Rectal Trauma, “Penile Puncture Wound” or just the fact that Marv is killed 4 times in a row in one scene and has almost double the amount of deaths compared to Harry in the end!

The reality of it all of course would result in a pretty short and really unfunny movie – assuming of course a kid could actually get half of his contraptions to function as they are supposed to. If you got a kick out of The Wet Bandits Honest Action video then you can head on over to Screen Junkies’ YouTube Channel for the Die Hard video as well and see how John McClane measures up. Or you can also see the equally hilarious Honest Trailer for Home Alone or any number of other clever videos!


What’s your favorite trap from the Home Alone movies? Do you concur with the medical diagnosis of the injuries sustained in this video? Which of the Home Alone movies is your favorite if any? Sound off below!

Via: Screen Junkies’ YouTube Channel