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‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Clip Shows Electro’s Shocking Times Square Visit

Millions of people watched the ball drop in Times Square this year, but I doubt the experience would be quite as shocking as seeing a man with electricity coursing through his body attack this iconic area while a man in red and blue spandex tries to save everyone. That’s precisely what is in store for you in the latest clip from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which premiered during the New Year’s celebration and was introduced by none other than Stan Lee.

When the trailer premiered a couple weeks ago, I thought it looked pretty good, but the CG looked like it needed A LOT of work and I thought Electro looked mostly terrible. The clip below makes the FX work on Jamie Foxx look a little better, but there are still moments of CG that don’t look finished or look even more cartoonish than the CGI looked in the first movie. I also don’t know how much of a clip this is so much as a chopped together highlight reel of a much larger scene or scenes- especially since there are also some snippets of footage of one of the film’s other villains, The Rhino, peppered in later in the clip. Check it out for yourself here:


Overall, I feel like this is an efficient tease, but the unfinished special effects make me a little skiddish about this film’s overall impact. If they are willing to push out this content to the masses with it looking as though it’s not completely finished then I’m worried the final product will look and feel equally as rushed. Is the studio desperate enough to throw out footage that isn’t totally finished just to keep awareness up? Do they not notice that some of the footage they released doesn’t look finished? Am I just an idiot and am nitpicking about the CGI looking cheap and fake? I feel like any one of these could be true, but I’m really hoping it’s not just my eyes playing tricks on me.

Stan Lee appears to be really excited about this, at least that’s what we are supposed to deem from his energetic introduction into the clip. I really enjoyed the first movie in spite of some of its obvious flaws, so I’m willing to kind of give the final product the benefit of the doubt. Even with my complaints about some of the CGI, the clip doesn’t make me any less excited to check the film out and actually hints at what could be a pretty awesome action sequence from the flick.

What do you think of the clip? Did you like the The Amazing Spider-Man? Are the effects in the trailer and the clip as shoddy as I’m making them out to be? Sound off below!

Via: YouTube