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SMARK Country: WWE Zigged When It Should Have Zagged

WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler is currently out with an injury, a second concussion within the course of a year. Hopefully, he makes a quick recovery and there is no long term damage. And when he DOES return, here’s hoping creative/booking doesn’t drop the ball
with him, as they’ve done several times already.

Dolph Ziggler is one of those rare finds in sports entertainment. He’s got the look,
completely unique among his fellow superstars. He’s got charisma and can work the mic like he’s been doing so for decades. Dolph is not only a strong ring worker, but is probably the best seller in the business. There are literally hundreds of internet memes stating this.


When he wears a championship belt, it looks apropos and feels justified. But two incredibly short World Title reigns are a cause for concern. Yes, the last time he had the strap, he was put out with the first said concussion and was out of action for a few months. But upon his return, he seemed to be put as far away from main event status as possible. Dirt sheets contained word of backstage drama and Dolph running off at the mouth. The company wants to take a hard stance against this and lay down the law. But if any CM Punk fan will ask you, is it really that bad when someone is challenging the authority to make a better program and a better company?

Right now, the top of the WWE mountain has very rocky footing if your name isn’t Cena or Orton. While Punk or Daniel Bryan are favorites to win the Royal Rumble and possibly main event Wrestlemania, Ziggler’s shown he’s got every quality that it takes to put asses into seats and to be a main event player. Hopefully the people in charge will see the valuable gem they have in front of them before he decides television, film or other wrestling promotions are more worth his while.