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Shia LaBeouf Ragequits Hollywood

Celebrity meltdowns are always big news. When some well-known person flips their shit and loses what is left of their monkey mind, you can bet your ass we will gather around with popcorn in hand to watch the train wreck. This brings us to the latest celebrity implosion, one Shia LaBeouf. Shia has had a pretty rough deal of it lately, first plagiarizing noted cartoonist and screenwriter Daniel Clowes in a short film, then plagiarizing himself again in the apology for plagiary, then there was the the whole skywriting nonsense and you can begin to see how things kept going downhill from there.


Seriously dude, a sincere phone call wouldn’t have done it?

Being hounded on all sides for, let’s be honest, making poor decisions at every step of this process and being true to form of the modern celebrity breakdown, LaBeouf went ahead and lashed out and announced his retirement from “public life” via Twitter.

“In light of the recent attacks against my artistic integrity, I am retiring from all public life.”

If I can cut the snark for a second, it isn’t a big surprise the LaBeouf has had a meltdown here. Here is a guy who went through the Disney child star mill and was hand picked by the likes of Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg, and Oliver Stone, some of the biggest names in the business, touting him around as the next big thing. Here is someone given opportunities to star in some of the biggest media franchises in the world such as Transformers and Indiana Jones, roles that were supposed to make him a megastar, instead they made fans of those properties hate him and look at him as a joke.  Now I’m in no way trying to make excuses for LaBeouf’s string of bad choices both in film and life, I’m only pointing out that anybody whose been through all that Shia has might be more than a little screwed up.

Personally, I hope Shia can make it back to the light. Underneath the hot mess that is his life I do think there is a talented person. Instead of being the leading man or action hero as he as been trying to do, I say he should embrace comedy again like he did in his youth. Shia always struck me as knowing how to play awkward and having pretty good comedic timing despite being handed jokes and comedic scenes that were often DOA. If he can get roles in some smart comedies and is willing to man up and eat a heaping helping of humble pie, Shia LaBeouf’s star may rise again.

What do you people think? Can Shia LaBeouf recover from this, and do you even want him to try? Let your voice be heard in the comments below!

Via /Film