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‘Sherlock’ Is Back With Highest Rated Episode Yet!

Sherlock roared back onto the small screen this New Year’s Day on BBC One with the shows highest rated episode ever. Seems a little resurrection does a series good as the duo of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson (Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, respectively) once again graced our TVs.

The show was able to pull in an amazing 9.7 million viewers in the UK as fans flocked to see just how Sherlock managed to pull off a death-defying feat in the season 3 opener entitled The Empty Hearse. Much like the BBC did for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, a mini-sode serving as a primer for the series’ return dropped online on Christmas Day to whet everyone’s appetites for the famous sleuths’ return.



While the UK will be getting the second of the three episodes on January 5th, stateside fans of the series such as myself will have to wait until January 19th on PBS to enjoy the show’s opener. I for one will be there with bells on to watch the master detective and his cohort dazzle me again.


For you people in the UK, what did you think of the episode (no spoilers, or I will fight you!)? To everyone else, are you as pumped for more Sherlock as I am? Let your feelings be known in the comments below!

Via Deadline