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Megan Ellison Abandons Ship Financially on ‘Terminator: Genesis’

After forking over $20+ million to acquire the rights to make a new Terminator film, Annapurna Pictures’ Megan Ellison has decided not to invest in the revival of the series. That doesn’t mean Terminator: Genesis is dead though, as Ellison’s brother David and his company Skydance is picking up the tab, likely with the help of Paramount Pictures. Megan’s cold feet however did not cost her the opportunity to retain an executive producer credit on the film.

It’s been speculated that Ellison’s change of heart comes from the fact that she’s been focused on more award-worthy cinematic ventures. Some of the more recent projects she’s been involved in are Zero Dark Thirty, The Master, Her and American Hustle. If more highbrow cinema is her preference, then it would seem obvious that a Terminator reboot and its two planned sequels are indeed out of her jurisdiction. Ellison indeed did state that Annapurna’s focus for right now was on independent cinema, but that as an executive producer she would be working closely with everyone involved and remains passionate about the project as a whole.

As long as the film is financed, I don’t really care who picks up the bill. I soured quickly on the last two Terminator films after my initial viewings. I don’t know that a reboot is the answer or that it will even be half as good as Cameron’s original films, but I also know that I’m not entirely ready to just let the series die with Terminator: Salvation as its swan song.

With Arnie returning in the flesh and not in some ridiculous CGI callback, Jason Clarke and Emilia Clarke on board to star and Alan Taylor on board to direct, I am at the very least cautiously optimistic about Terminator: Genesis so far. Only time will tell how the final product plays out and we have yet to see who will fill the role of Kyle Reese. There’s a long way to go, but here’s hoping the film one: sees the light of day, and two: doesn’t completely suck.

What are your thoughts on a Terminator reboot? Thoughts on Annapurna pulling out as an investor? Who should play Kyle Reese? Sound off below!

Via: Deadline