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Katee Sackhoff Wants To Be In Upcoming ‘Star Wars’ Films

Without a doubt, one of my favorite modern actresses is the kick-ass Katee Sackhoff. Ever since her brilliant performance as Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica, Ms. Sachkoff has retained a loyal following of geeks and nerds (myself included) who enjoy the emotionally-layered and strong female characters she often plays.

In a recent interview, Sackoff spoke passionately about her love for Star Wars and how much she would love to be in the upcoming movies.

“Star Wars meant everything to me growing up. Star Wars was, I mean, it was the first time I remember seeing three movies that all kind of went together. It was just an amazing final understanding of what a trilogy was. I was absolutely obsessed… The sad thing is, I never wanted to be Princess Leia, I always wanted to be Han Solo! …If J.J. would listen, I would play a rock in the Star Wars movies.”

Sackhoff has already done some Star Wars work as a voice actress in the animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but to get her in one of the live action movies, even in a small part, would be a treat. Although the thought of Sackhoff wielding a lightsaber does sound pretty cool, were Abrams to cast her, I would hope that he would be clever enough not to make her a Force user, but instead play some sort of warrior or smuggler/mercenary.

Other highlights from the interview include Sackhoff expressing interest in getting to play Harley Quinn, the chance that her character from the Riddick series, Dahl, might make further appearances, and talking about her experience auditioning for the Wonder Woman TV show and being told that she wasn’t the  “Wonder Woman type” but could audition to play the heroine’s best friend.

The sad part of the interview is that it is all about projects she and her fans  would like to do rather than actual projects Sackhoff is doing. This isn’t to say that Sackhoff hasn’t been busy, as she has been playing Deputy Victoria “Vic” Moretti on the greatly underrated A&E series, Longmire since 2012. Longmire is set to release its third season this year and the first season is currently available on Netflix, so if you are hungry for more Katee and just a good modern western on TV other than Justified, I highly recommend you give the series a shot.


Sackhoff as Vic Moretti

So, do you think Sackhoff should be in the upcoming Star Wars movies, and if so who should she play? Let us know in the comments below!

Via Total Film