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ITL/All Rings Considered: Royal Rumble Commentary

Let’s get ready to rumble. No, no that’s not quite right.

Lllllllllet’s get ready to Royal Rumble!!!!!

Yeah, yeah that’s the ticket.

This Sunday is WWE’s Royal Rumble, and we’re calling down an all-star crew for a commentary royal. The locker-dwelling sports nerds of ITL will be joined by two of the most insightful and passionate voices in wrestling fandom for an elimination-by-elimination commentary of this legendary Pay-Per-View.

Even if you aren’t purchasing the event for your own home viewing, you can still participate in the madness.

Come back to this post Sunday January 26th at 7pm CST and sign in to the chat box below to live-gab with the hosts as they joke, commentate, and remain steadfast in their commitment to always go over the top…rope.