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‘Hannibal’ Season 2 Trailer Serves Up Something A Little Different

While I’m not quite halfway through the first season of NBC’s Hannibal, I am at least at the point that I’m kind of excited there will be a second season. Having said that, I now feel only slightly spoiled now that I’ve watched the Season Two trailer – I’m not overly upset since I’ll probably forget everything I saw in the trailer before this post is even visible. In any event, the trailer is out and up for your viewing pleasure, though I do urge anyone who hasn’t finished the first season to hold off until you’re caught up.

One might question why I would bother watching the trailer for the next season when I myself haven’t finished the first season? It’s a valid question and I wish I had a valid or coherent answer. Regardless, fans of the first season will notice that it appears the format of the show might be switched up a bit. The first season at least to the point that I’m at has stuck pretty closely to your average procedural, though it involves characters who’s history most are aware of. I don’t mind the “killer of the week” style of the show, but I have to say that the Season Two trailer does have me excited to finish out the first season and get even more pumped for what the show has in store. Take a look for yourself!

It’s possible the show will still have the “killer of the week” style since Hannibal Lecter is still working with the FBI obviously, but the addition of Will in prison looking to bring Lector to justice adds a nice bit of fun to the mix as well. Entertainment Weekly hints at a scene featured in the trailer which would normally be considered very spoilerific, but points out that it’s a scene that happens right off the bat in season two, just before a “12 Weeks Earlier” caption. Obviously we can expect a lot of sh*t to go down over the course of Hannibal’s second season.

What did you think of Hannibal Season One? Are you excited for the second season? What are your thoughts on the trailer for Season Two? Sound off below!

Via: Entertainment Weekly and YouTube