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Gail Simone is walking Deadpool down the aisle

Ten years of waiting have finally paid off! After watching DC mistreat Gail Simone for a decade (the same why they do with MOST of their writers), it is time to rejoice! Gail Simone has announced that she will working with Marvel once again! Not only has Simone returned to the House of M, but she is writing Deadpool again, at an important moment of the character’s life: his wedding! I cannot contain all of this happiness!


throws confetti

Simone is one of the best comic book writers working today in my opinion, and the fact that she’ll be writing one of my favorite Marvel characters once more is beyond amazing news. In the past, she has written books for both of the big houses. She has worked on such comics as Birds of Prey and Batgirl at DC and she also had an amazing run with Marvel characters Deadpool and Agent X  ten years ago.

It has been revealed that Simone’s story will be set during Deadpool’s wedding. That’s right, The Merc with the Mouth is getting hitched. Of course, nothing concerning Deadpool is simple or clear and this announcement is no different. We have no idea who his bride will be. Still, we have some idea about who might be on the guest list. If this image released to promote the event is any indication, it’s going to be a grand affair.


This will certainly be an event to remember and I’m looking forward to a Deadpool-style wedding. Gail Simone apparently shares my enthusiasm. The scribe had this to say about the news on her personal Tumblr:

“Am I Excited? To be writing my first Marvel story in TEN YEARS? Yes I am!”

Simone will not be the only writer working on this story. In fact, many of the other writers have written for Deadpool in the past. Fabian Nicieza, Mark Waid, Joe Kelly, Christopher Priest, Jimmy Palmiotti, Frank Tieri, Daniel Way & Victor Gischler will all be contributing to story, which is coming to stores this April. I wonder how many items on Deadpool’s registry also appear in the United States military’s weapon inventory?

Are you pleased to see Gail Simone return to Marvel for this occasion? Who do you think Deadpool’s bride-to-be is? Share your thoughts and well-wishes in the comments!


Source: ComicbookResources